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KARET LEMBARAN FOOD Grade whatsapp (0821 1059 5912)
KARET LEMBARAN FOOD Grade whatsapp (0821 1059 5912)
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KARET LEMBARAN FOOD Grade whatsapp (0821 1059 5912)

Description: Smooth finish, good resiliency to abrasion and repels oily and greasy food products. EPDM Food-Grade sheet, made from FDA-approved ingredients. Used for general gaskets, countertops and skirting in all areas of food processing. Non toxic and non-marking. Also approved for food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing. Approved by USDA for meat and poultry processing. Applications: Shaker screens, butcher shops, biotechnology, pharmaceutical processing, commercial kitchens, hospitals, food processing plants, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, industrial plants, and grocery stores Color: White Surface: Smooth Temperature Range: -50° to 225° F ketebalan 0, 5mm-15mm gasket

Karet Gasket dan Material Gasket

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